About Us

Our Ethos

Here at EVE, we design and handmake all our clothing which is enjoyable to wear, functional and discreet to enable easy access for breastfeeding. Our collection is stylish, timeless and effortless based on the need for something that little bit smarter. Designed around a classical colour palate, clean lines and slim fitting, EVE will make you feel confident to feed without compromising on your clothing appearance. We offer sizes XS, S, M L and XL and for those who need a more bespoke fit you can order any of our items in made to measure. 

Our garments are designed to last, not just for the duration of feeding and the simple zip design is concealed in a seam to remove the desire to no longer wear the item when breastfeeding has ended. All our fabrics are carefully chosen for comfort, style and suitability and we only have a limited number of garments available per fabric. We hope you like our collection and we welcome any feedback you would like to share.

The First Woman


Hi, I'm Natalie and EVE is my new clothing line aimed at women who are breastfeeding. I am truly passionate about creating a range of nursing wear that is functional and discreet but more importantly stylish and timeless. 

Having 2 children of my own, I know how I struggled to source clothes that made me feel confident when out with my family and friends, finding that happy middle ground between ‘park’ wear and formal attire was virtually impossible. I couldn't wait to put my normal, well fitted clothes back on especially once I had lost my bump. Being able to feed confidently in public came at a sacrifice for boring, unstylish clothes such as loose tops with vests underneath that could be lifted, button up shirts or maternity wear which allowed room for an expanding tummy (that I no longer needed)

So, after my second child was born, I began to sketch ideas for tops and dresses that could be amended to empower women to breastfeed in public. All my designs revolve around 2 zips to either side of the chest area that can be unzipped as wide as needed, and when closed, the garment appears like any usual item giving the consumer confidence to be a fashionably fabulous feeder!

Designed for Life

With Love from EVE x